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Parrot Distilling Co was a passionate dream to begin with, a mere vision to create a world class product, from the absolute start to finish. With hours on hours of research into distilling styles and ingredients the dream was soon beginning to hatch into the possibility of becoming real.

“A world class product to be created from start to finish in Orange NSW is something we take very seriously”

Our gin now becoming a reality meant it was time to pay homage to all previous gins and distillers and put not only our spin on a modern Australian gin, but also showcase the region we are based in - Orange, New South Wales. Orange is recognised for its volcanic soils and rich fruit and wine, so naturally we wanted to combine the two.

Goes without saying that every aspect of the brand Parrot Distilling was developed and progressed to provide a product that we are very proud of, so we look forward to taking flight with you in not only our region but around the world.  

Ben Cochrane

Ben Cochrane


With over a decade of hospitality and industry experience working in bars and pubs in Sydney, Dublin and home town of Orange, Ben has watched the spirit trends change over the years, but one has remained consistent – gin.

“Being in the hotel industry for many years has allowed me to see so many different styles and brands of spirits come and go from the shelf, so I wanted to take all the learnings from these pioneers and create a premium brand that looks and tastes amazing and will remain at the forefront of any bar or restaurants shelf.”

David Rees

David Rees

Master Distiller

As an Executive Chef by day and a Master Distiller by night, Dave loves to challenge himself by experimenting with flavours that will leave you wanting more. His desire to become the finest gin distiller is inspiring but what we really love is his philosophy to use local and Australian grown ingredients in not just his cooking but also his distilling.

“I am really passionate about flavours and testing the boundaries (tastefully!), so to channel that passion into producing a spirit that people won’t just like, but love is really very exciting”.

Madeline Herft

Madeline Herft

Distillery Operations

Working alongside Ben and Dave for the last few years, Maddy’s passion for not just the hospitality industry but the events that surround it has allowed her to lead and execute countless events through a strategic yet fun approach.

“I love all aspects of this industry – there’s always so much happening and so many exciting things to plan for. Working across all aspects of Parrot Distilling has been a game-changer in the way I operate. Having exposure to the whole process from start to finish is an integral part of how I approach the marketing and event management component of the business.

Without giving anything away, we do have lots of exciting things installed and are pretty excited to spread our wings!”

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