The journey of Parrot Gin and the story of Free Spirited Spirits

The journey of Parrot Gin and the story of Free Spirited Spirits

“Parrot Distilling Co was carefully developed to showcase the finest gin products of our region, hand-crafted by young enthusiasts honouring old-world distilling techniques.”



The Master Distiller honed his talents and earned his title the old fashion way: relentless hard work and tireless devotion; it was a mere passionate dream, to begin with, a vision to create a Gin Distillery offering the best gins.

We are pleased to say we now have an Australian gin product made from scratch. With countless hours and experimenting with botanicals and ingredients, the dream was soon beginning to hatch into the possibility of becoming real and taking flight.

Ben Cochrane

Founder & Gin Enthusiast

He was so dedicated to craft gin that he soon abandoned his career and dedicated every waking hour to gin tasting and replicating the historic juniper gins formulated over time. His exacting quest threatened to become an obsession until, thankfully, he was inspired with the arrival of a muse; its winged silhouette quickly grew as it approached.

Parrot rested gently on Master's shoulder and has remained there primarily since.

Parrot Distilling Co
Ascend to a better Gin Cocktail

“Like its namesake, Parrot’s world-class gin is free, fun and full of spirit – recognised as a companion and loyal friend”